At Biolovers we try to pack and ship our products as sustainably as possible. We use recycled cardboard and biodegradable green filling granules to protect the products during transport.

The green filling granules are made entirely of natural raw materials: air, water and vegetable starch. As a result, as confirmed by the Fraunhofer Institute, these are harmlessly biodegradable within a short period of time.
The fill granules can be reused, discarded or composted and are completely soluble in water.

If we use plastic, this is recycled packaging material and can be disposed of with the plastic waste.

Groene Vulkorrels

Groene Vulkorrels

CO2 offset

For our customers who want to contribute, we also offer the possibility to offset the CO2 of the order.
During checkout you can make your purchase climate neutral for a small fee, for this we work with CO2OK.

How does CO2 compensation work?

View the CO2OK for more information.

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