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Sleeping problems, something we all suffer from every now and then. Some people, however, suffer from severe sleeping problems and cannot remember the last time of having a good night sleep. Try the below, natural, aids and see whichever one works best for you.



The following supplements will make you sleepy, relaxed and will make it easier to fall asleep, keep asleep and have a restful night.

Valerian is one of the most common aids for insomnia. Take a tablet 1,5-2 hours before going to sleep and you will fall asleep quicker, your deep sleep will be improved and you will wake up rested. Valerian has a calming effect and regulates the action of nerve cells.
This supplement, like many others, is most effective when used over a longer period.

Melatonin is the hormone that supports the sleep and is created by our own brain when it gets dark. As soon as it gets light, the release of melatonin by our brain reduces again.

Having problems falling asleep? Preferable take melatonin before it gets dark.
Waking up in the night? Take melatonin before going to bed.

Passion Flower reduces anxiety and has a positive influence on our sleep. It offers the same benefits as valerian, but in a milder form. Passion Flower improves the quality of sleep and can very well be used in combination with valerian.

Saint John’s Wort benefits people who suffer from disrupted sleep. It also helps with depression and supports the level of melatonin which equals in better sleep.


The below supplements will not make you drowsy or sleepy, but will support and improve your sleeping pattern.

To boost your sleep, taking magnesium and calcium is a very effective combination. Magnesium is a supporting and vital mineral which is needed to calm your central nervous system and with that to relax in preparation of a good sleep. Magnesium will not make you sleepy, but is it hard to sleep without enough of it.

The combination of calcium and magnesium is very effective to overcome the waking up during the night. Calcium is in direct correlation with our sleeping-cycle; in the REM-phase, calciumlevels are high. Meaning a shortage of calcium will prevent you from having a good REM-sleep.

This supplements is derived from green tea and is considered an amino acid. During the day, L-Theanine will keep you calm and alert while at night, it will provide for a deeper sleep.

Other than many of the supplements, Maca actually gives you energy therefore do not take this before going to sleep.

Maca helps to recover the hormonal balance and reduces the amount of cortisol released in times of stress. Cortisol also plays an important factor during your sleep-cycle. Maca reduces the sensibility to stress and therefore your body will find it easier to fall asleep and to stay asleep.

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    Op grote hoogte (3000 – 4500 meter) in een onherbergzaam gebied groeit de Maca plant (Lepidium Meyenii).
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    Maca werd al door de Inca’s gebruikt en vooral beschouwd als een lekkernij door de zoete smaak.
    Maca wordt ook wel de ginseng van de Andes,  de Mood Food en de Inca’s Superfood genoemd.


Calms the brain, stomach and digestion. Relaxes your muscles and makes you feel tired.

The flower smells like lemon and gives you a relaxing feel. Is also frequently used to help with depression. Helps with disrupted sleep.

Also available as supplement. Has a strong taste and smell and works calming and makes you feel tired.

Works very well as a natural sleep aid. Simply poor hot water over a few fresh leafs.

Not only can you take valerian as a supplement, it also works well as a tea although it has a strong smell. Makes you feel tired and research shows it has also a positive influence with depressions.


Lavender can be applied in aromatherapeutic oil on your wrists and neck but also directly on your pillow. Lavender helps you relax and creates a sense of drowsiness.

The female hop flower is an excellent sedative for anxiety and insomnia. It can be used to make tea with, but the scent itself is great for relaxation in combination with lavender. Place some hop-flowers together with lavender in a bowl next to your bed or make a sachet from it and place under your pillow.


Cherries contain tryptophan which after consumption transfer into serotonin which is the foundation of melatonin. Can be consumed in liquid or fresh form.

Bananas contain tryptophan which your body can turn into melatonin. Next to that is holds levels of  potassium and magnesium as well, these will relax your muscles. Eat one banana approximately 1.5 hrs before going to bed to increase your magnesium levels.


To ease your mind, do 5-10 minutes of meditation before going to bed. If you have a little bit more time, add a small calming yoga practice focused on stretching before your meditation. Make sure to not perform any power yoga as this will energise you instead; keeps this for the morning after.

If you have the space elsewhere in your home, do not place the television, computer and book-case in your bedroom but in another room. The bedroom should be a place of rest and you can focus on sleeping here and release yourself from daily stress.

Exercise is good for a lot of things; your body, brain and wellbeing will improve. Create a schedule that works for you; but be aware to not exercise right before going to bed as this will give you more energy and it will be hard to fall asleep. Regular exercise will give you more energy during the day, will make you wake up rested and will give you a better and deeper sleep during the night.

Try to not look at your phone or any other white or blue screen at least 60 minutes before going to bed. This will decrease the flow of melatonin and will make you fall asleep less easily. Preferably do not place your phone next to your pillow, but if you use it for your alarm; make sure to place your phone on airplane mode. When you leave your phone on, even if it is on silent, you will experience a lighter sleep.

Try to go to bed around the same time, and wake up around the same time. This will not disturb your biological clock and will enhance better sleep.

Acupuncture originates in Traditional Chinese Medicine. By stimulating certain points with small needles, the flow of energy and release of stress is enhanced. Increased flow of energy and less stress will result in better sleep.

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